This is the first part of an A/R/tography project!

Before we begin our walk we are going to make a journal! We are going to make an accordion journal. For the instruction on the accordion journal we will watch the following videos.

Then using our journals we will begin an experiment in A/R/tography. For this experiment we will be focusing mainly on Walking A/R/tography. Walking A/R/tography can be done seated or walking. The reason being that you are engaging with and observing the environment in which you are seated or the area in which you are walking.

For the first step towards learning A/R/tography we will find a calm location and a seated position. Begin to focus your attention on your senses. What do you see? What do you hear? Can you smell anything? What can you touch? Feel the texture of where you are sitting, is the wind blowing, is the sun shining? What is the temperature? Reflect on these sensations and feelings. Begin to write down your answers to the above questions!

After reflecting on the physical sensations begin to bring awareness to your feelings. How is the location that your are in affecting your feelings and emotions? Begin to notice if your body is tense or relaxed? Write these down as well.