New Beginnings

Posted on March 22, 2021Comments Off on New Beginnings

Tomorrow I am starting a new job. I am nervous, mainly because for the first time in over 20 years I will not be teaching!
I will be working with individuals with special needs and administering a house where 8 individulas live. From what I have heard I will be making sure the house runs as it should, purchasing the food, taking care of the finances of the home, scheduling staff, and learning to drive the shuttle in case I need to transport them as well. The schedule is totally different then anything I have done before so there will be some getting used to there as well.

Tomorrow I am also starting to teach Yoga again and will be on a schedule for every other Monday for a resource center. Although I hope to give class every Monday! It will be via Zoom for the time being.

I am starting a diet tomorrow as well. The goal is to lose 10 kilos before my birthday, which is May 1st. If I am faithful I know it is possible! I will be doing an intense week this week in the hopes of losing 5 to 6 kilos. Don’t worry it’s a program made by a nutritionist and tried and proven.

Master’s program is well on the way! I have signed up for the summer semester and will be taking 6 classes then! That is one more than I am doing now. Apparently this semester is almost over although I have no idea when that it exactly!

Those are the updates for now! Be sure to check out my You Tube channel as I will be posting more on there!

So here’s to new beginnings! Have a great week!