Character Design for Stage Makeup

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I haven’t been on here or posted in a while. Life gets busy when you are working full-time and doing your PhD at full speed. That being said I am taking six classes this semester which adds up to 17 credit hours. My advisor, one of them, told me that what I am doing is AMA, Against Medical Advice. Oh well, I don’t want to be in school forever, or do I!?

Anyway, this semester I am taking a class on Stage Makeup. It has been quite interesting, mainly due to having studied makeup before and always being interested in it. I am now working on my design for Fantasy which is due the 29th. I will have some time to work on it and perfect it.

The first step in coming up with a design is an idea of course, especially in this case as there is no script to follow. I have decided to go with a Siren, not a mermaid. Originally, I thought of doing it in teal, but when looking through the available wigs there was no teal wig. I chose a pink and purple wig that was extremely matted and a mess. I worked on getting the wig brushed out and put it into curlers. I was asked about the different directions my curlers were going as they are not orderly at all, but that is the look I am going for. Because there was no teal wig available, I have decided the skin will be a purplish silver, perhaps with pink scales. I am also planning on making barnacles to glue on the face.

So, for instructional purposes, the first step to this fantasy creation was to come up with an idea, research makeup looks pertaining to the idea. The next step was to measure my head, find a headblock that matched my head size, find a wig among the ones available, measure the wig for head size, prepare the headblock by placing a plastic bag over it and pinning the wig to the headblock with T-pins. Once those steps were complete brush out the wig, which required a lot of spraying of water and brushing. Once all the knots were out, begin to curl the wig. With all hair designs or style, the hair must be curled first, then styled! Why? The curls will give it more volume and make it easier to work with.

This was all the first step. Tomorrow I will check on the wig and perhaps remove the curlers. I should get a picture of it, and am now regretting not getting a picture of the matted mess it was I when I started.

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